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AVALONCS.GROUP - TS3 - Public Community Server

Server Name AVALONCS.GROUP - TS3 - Public Community Server
Server Hostname
Banner AVALONCS.GROUP - TS3 - Public Community Server
Users 36/500
Server Country 0
Server Version 3.13.6 [Build: 1623234157]
Server Platform Linux
Server Owner avaloncs
Favourites 0
Votes 6
Rank 4
Score 1.04
Created At 2021-03-03 19:47:40
Updated at 2021-11-17 14:35:44
Players Unknown,D1CKEY,GoldLemonchick,checks, bot,Shhhhh tady nikdo neni,Igoridze,Hollines,bratranec,Xaus7,Ganjubasic,hustle,Черчик Пили1,Masuuro,mkrtych,donpepek,Steelline,Aidana927,Tomboy,tomike,nesti,Diktor,Attaker,playerwow,TeamSpeakUser,Фальшивошашличник,Lukano,Dep,XOXO7,chapter369,PacifistxD-,ясько,Martin,Mad-Cow™,ONLINE RADIO 2,Jiří Motýl,ONLINE RADIO,Harry

-Best latency (Germany located server with best ping) -Radio stations (Free public radio stations) -Private channel (Let's connect free rooms or create private) -Welcome Message -Away Mover -Inactive channels delete (auto if empty for 30days) -Server Group Protection -DDoS Protection -Highest voice quality (ask admin) -Voice data enctyption